These Guns Will Help You Protect Your Family and Home Like No Other

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These Guns Will Help You Protect Your Family and Home Like No Other

Which is right for you?

I’m a big fan of this one because you can take it apart and clean it without requiring any clunky tools. Like the Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm, the Glock 43 has an ambidextrous grip for all you lefties out there.

All of these options are fairly similar in nature, each of them is compact and easy to use.


Of the handguns I would recommend for beginners, the price points are all virtually identical. The Glock 17 retails for $550 whereas the Ruger LCR9 can be purchased online for $511 over at Bud’s Gun Shop.

The Springfield XDM is available for $499.99 online while the Smith & Wesson M & P 9 goes for around $550 to $580, depending on who you get it from.

All of these are fairly affordable options in my experience, especially for a first-time user who wants a dependable pistol that will stand the test of time.

To be fair, I haven’t had a whole lot of hands-on experience with the Ruger LCR9. A friend owns one and I’ve used it out on the shooting range, but I can’t speak to its upkeep. However, of the options listed above, I can tell you that the Glock 17 is easy to clean and maintain.

I found this handy video on YouTube that delves deeper into how easy it is to clean your Glock 17.


When it comes to beginners, it is best to avoid an external safety. I know that movies and television have conditioned us to believe that a gun should always have the safety on, but in the real world, I strongly believe that the mind is the best tool for safety.

The simple fact is, first-timers are unseasoned and untested. As such, they may very well forget to take the safety off their pistol when confronted by a home invasion. For this reason, it is best to disengage any external safety when getting started with your brand new handgun.


As I mentioned earlier, the design of a gun can make a huge difference in terms of first-time experience. You want the gun to feel comfortable in your hand and you want to feel as strong as your weapon.

Many believe that the force of pulling the trigger requires the same amount of weight as the handgun itself. As such, you should select a pistol that is easy to grip and easy to hold. Think of it as being much like selecting a bowling ball. In order to be accurate, you must be able to handle it with minimal effort.

The handguns listed above can be customized to make them even more ergonomic than they are already engineered to be.


First-time users should go for a 9mm handgun as they are ideal for home defense situations and are easy to handle. And if you’re anything like me, you’ll probably go with the Glock to become a crack shot.

This article by Chris Browning first appeared at Gun News Daily.