The U.S. Army Has a Plan To Beat Russia's Electronic Warfare Battleplans

October 11, 2019 Topic: Security Blog Brand: The Buzz Tags: U.S. ArmyMilitaryRussiaElectronic WarfareWarEWPMT

The U.S. Army Has a Plan To Beat Russia's Electronic Warfare Battleplans

AI could just be the answer.

These circumstances only further underscore the importance of both hardening electronic networks and also using AI to streamline key electronic signature data for offensive EW attack. Should an AI-empowered Army sensor find what’s called a “line-of-bearing” of an enemy electronic signature amid a crowded field of signals, soldiers would be well-positioned to launch a targeted EW attack. This can be made more difficult by the use of “directional” antennas engineered to emit a signal in one, more narrowly configured direction. This tactic, explored by the Army and industry, lowers the ability for forces to be discovered. Once an electronic signal is released, it naturally creates a signature that is detectable to enemy forces. Accordingly, Raytheon’s software is designed to instantly pull data from electronic sensors to both improve EW targeting and also shorten the time of exposure during which a signal is emitted. Raytheon’s software is designed to display a unit, brigade or division’s electronic footprint as it would appear to an adversary.

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