Why the M1911 Pistol Is Over 100-Years Old and People Still Love Them

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Why the M1911 Pistol Is Over 100-Years Old and People Still Love Them



It does not wander too far away from the original WWII piece, with a crisp trigger, dovetailed rear and front sights, and checkered double diamond walnut grips.

A subtle evolution of the standard 1911 is the lowered and flared ejection port for eliminating the empty cartridge faster and more accurate.


The Remmy 1911 is an enhanced model, which comes with extended beavertail safety.

It comes with a full range of accessories such as sights, triggers, and grips to transform it into a tool suited for your needs.


The stainless-steel gun features a beavertail safety grip and a thumb safety, and its distinctive feature is the Titanium firing pin.

Produced from a single piece of metal to keep the homogeneity of color and hue it also features the lowered and oversized ejection port.

This is one of the guns that keep the original design as much as possible, including the three-dot sight. It comes with a bushing wrench and it is a favorite for sturdiness and reliability.

It has no loose parts, and has one of the easiest recoils. If you’re a beginner or intermediate shooter who loves Rugers, you’ll get along quite nicely with the SR1911.


Recommended as a great gun for a beginner since it is supposed to work flawlessly straight out of the box.

Think of it as your companion for self-defense or your best friend in a shooting competition.

The most useful feature of this gun in the green fiber optic front which helps in an accurate target acquisition and fast switching between targets.

The two eight rounds magazines keep you in the game, while the skeletonized trigger is crisp and precise.

The only downside of this gun can be the grip which is made from polymers, and some might consider cheap-looking, but has no impact on the superb performance.


A step up, but this is where the real quality comes into play. These are the kind of 1911s you can get and keep for years.


Not your typical .45 Colt, but a particular version for 10mm, the Delta Elite is the current weapon of choice for most FBI field agents.

You can buy it and shoot it on the same day, no break-in period needed. This one scores high on safety, featuring a large beavertail grip safety against slide cuts. The thumb safety is ergonomic, offering an excellent firing grip with the thumb on top not under the safety lever.

The sights, front and rear are dovetail-mounted in the slide, yet some adjustable sight would improve that a bit. The three-white dots, a standard option which comes in handy during night-time enhances accuracy. I’ve also seen these used with holographic optics systems before.

The gun might seem too sharp on the edges; it could use some rounding. It also has a pronounced recoil, more than the .45 version, so you need to handle it firmly.


The “loaded” descends from the GI specs of the original 1911 and is just going a step further than one size fits all approach.

The .45 handgun comes in 5 different styles, so there is a high degree of customization and offers options for everyone.

One of the few models with an ambidextrous thumb safety, and the standard extended beavertail grip. The 1911 Loaded .45ACP from SA has a lot of room for customization including accessories that can be added all over.

You can attach lights and lasers. The only downside could be the fact that it uses seven rounds mags instead of 8.


Meet the grandson (or great-grandson) of the original 1911.

Good features still run in the family with a few modern twists, including white dot sights and a lowered ejection port for extra reliability. It also has a great recoil spring system, long trigger, and a flat mainspring housing like the Colt legend.

The grips consist of elegant checkered rosewood adorning the solid carbon steel frame. This pistol requires a bit of strength to use effectively as the trigger is pretty stiff.

The XSE only carries 7 rounds in the magazine which limits it a bit. Either way great design and functionality.


The cadillacs of 1911s.

These are usually highly customizable and enjoy the finery nuts of bolts of design and craftsmanship.  Some justify the price tag by manufacturing and precision, others by uniqueness and brand.

We have made a selection of some of the best 1911s if you have some cash to spare.


In this price range, you can expect some pro toys. The tactical gun from Wilson is just what SWAT units and Military Special Operations have in their holsters.

Ain’t she beautiful

You get a real powerhouse which includes a light mount frame and a massive cone barrel.

The CQB Tactical LE’s trigger works crisply and clean. It is available in .45 (8 rounds), 10mm, 9mm (10 rounds) and .38 super.

Features a beautiful combat finish with no glare and at this price tag, you should take advantage of all the additional modifications you can add to it.

Despite the high ticket, the CQB Tactical is frequently out of stock. I suggest bookmarking the product page at at Buds and checking it from time to time, or visiting the Wilson shop below.


This 3-inch barrel piece of purple jewelry looks like a toy but is as accurate and extremely reliable.

This pistol is also ready to shoot right out of the case. The 9mm or .45 mini – which can hold up to 7 rounds in the magazine – also features a full length guiding rod and ambidextrous thumb safety.

Considering its target market, the slide cycle is notably heavier than other popular handguns for women, and the grip could be improved.


The antique feeling of this piece can make enthusiasts forget about the price. As the manufacturer describes it, “here is an ode to John Browning”.

The look is achieved through a proprietary chemical process applied to the steel. These are not the only Cabot innovations you can find on this piece.

The Cabot Machined-in-Place Perfect Fit Ejector, the Cabot Billet One Piece Guide Rod and the Cabot’s Full-Cycle Technology are just a few of the patented parts that make the handgun distinct from its lookalikes.

Cabot really made a name for themselves with the Vintage Classic 1911.


It does not get any more classic than this.

The Ed Brown 1911 has a mirror finish to make is stand out, but only on the parts that don’t interfere with the sight, to preserve accuracy. Serrations are inserted on the rear of the slide for the same reason.

The producer believes in the product so much it offers a lifetime guarantee. Since this is a customizable product, you can go wild and mix patterns, engravings, and grips to make it match your imagination.

A beautiful 1911 for anyone who is a firearms collector in your family. It’s tough to get your hands on a Classic Custom via the internet, but you can check for deals on Gun Broker and Guns America, or visit Ed Brown’s website here:


This is it. Probably the top-of-the-market 1911 available as of the day this article was posted.

The motto guiding Nighthawk Custom is, “One gun, one gunsmith at a time.”

They create unique, hand-crafted, custom made 1911s. This is an eye-catching pistol featuring ivory grips, 14K gold front sight and most likely will be part of a collection.

Of course, you can shoot .45 like any other Government 1911. The rear sight is a Heinie Pro, and the gun features a design with a smooth recoil spring plug with a thick barrel bushing, and this is just an example.

Ready for the pricetag? I sure wasn’t.

The Turnbull VIP 2 is not for budget shoppers. Check out the current retail price here at Nighthawk’s website:


Depending on your needs and budget there is always a 1911 out there for you.

Before you make your choice, take your time to study the market. Always consider cheaper options if you are not a collector.

Some are bare bones, but sometimes it’s all you need to cover self-defense necessities with a sturdy and reliable handgun.

The difference in price sometimes comes only from the economic differences between the originating country and the US.

You should not always take this as a mark of inferior quality.

If you’re looking for a gun to last you a lifetime, an investment in a well-known brand such as a Colt or a Springfield might give you the best value for your money.

Some folks treat their guns as an extension of their bodies and even personalities, not just as a utilitarian tool. Therefore, it makes sense to select an accessory that speaks for itself.