Nikki Haley's Astounding Claims About Iran

July 11, 2020 Topic: Security Region: Middle East Blog Brand: Lebanon Watch Tags: IranNuclearWeaponWarJCPOA

Nikki Haley's Astounding Claims About Iran

For U.S. officials, past and present, to be professing concern for the stewardship of the Iranian people’s public funds strains credulity.

In anything, the development of the Yemen conflict into what the UN termed the “worst humanitarian crisis in the world,” in large part due to U.S.-backed Saudi coalition’s restrictions on food import, should cast doubt on the relative benevolence the ambassador attributes to the American agenda in the Middle East.

Regardless, the funding Iran seeks is unlikely to materialize since the U.S. exercises an effective veto power over the decisions made by the IMF and has already announced its opposition to the loan. This move garnered a negative reaction from even the European Union, who expressed regret at the politicization of this public health issue by Washington. That being said, Iran is experiencing significant fiscal strain because of the coronavirus epidemic as is the entire rest of the world. International institutions like the IMF have never applied this kind of foreign policy test to decide whether to provide loans for public health and that should not be the case here.

Alireza Ahmadi is a researcher and analyst focused on U.S. foreign policy towards the Middle East. His work has been published by the National Interest, The Hill and Al-Monitor. Follow him on Twitter @AliAhmadi_Iran.

Image: Reuters