Poll: Majority of Americans Disapprove of Roe v. Wade Reversal

Poll: Majority of Americans Disapprove of Roe v. Wade Reversal

The poll also revealed that 62 percent of women disapprove of the decision to end the federal right to abortion.

A new poll conducted by the Pew Research Center has revealed that a majority of Americans have an unfavorable view of the Supreme Court’s controversial decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, the 1973 landmark decision that established the constitutional right to an abortion.

The survey, which polled more than 6,100 Americans between June 27 and July 4, showed that nearly six in ten adults (57 percent) disapprove of the court’s decision, including 43 percent who strongly disapprove. About four in ten (41 percent) approve of the court’s decision, while 25 percent strongly approve.

Meanwhile, partisan differences have continued to widen on the highly contentious issue. Roughly eight in ten Democrats and Democratic-leaning Independents disapprove of the court’s decision, including nearly two-thirds who strongly disapprove. Most Republicans and Republican leaners (70 percent) approve of the court’s ruling while 48 percent strongly approve.

The poll further revealed that 62 percent of women disapprove of the decision to end the federal right to an abortion. More than twice as many women strongly disapprove of the court’s decision (47 percent) as strongly approve (21 percent). In contrast, opinion among men is more closely divided, as 52 percent disapprove (37 percent strongly) and 47 percent approve (28 percent strongly).

The Supreme Court’s decision to strike down Roe gives the states the authority to set their own abortion policies. At least nine states have banned abortion so far, including Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Texas, West Virginia, and Wisconsin. Moreover, a dozen states are expected to prohibit or restrict the procedure in the coming weeks.

The poll found that individuals living in states where abortion is newly prohibited or where bans are set to take effect soon are divided in opinions about the court’s decision, as 46 percent approve, while 52 percent disapprove.

In an effort to assuage mounting pressure from the public and his own party, President Joe Biden signed an executive order last Friday that takes incremental steps to preserve abortion access. According to National Public Radio, the executive order pledges to ensure the safety of abortion patients and providers and seeks to convene private lawyers to offer pro bono support to individuals who decide to cross state lines to get an abortion.

It also directs the secretary of Health and Human Services to issue a report within the next month outlining additional actions to protect abortion medication and expand access to emergency contraception and intrauterine devices (IUDs). In addition, the Federal Trade Commission is being directed to consider taking steps to protect the privacy of those who seek information regarding abortion services.

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Image: Reuters.