4 Ways Biden’s Coronavirus Relief Bill Can Reboot the Economy

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4 Ways Biden’s Coronavirus Relief Bill Can Reboot the Economy

The sharp rise in unemployment due to the pandemic has left many Americans struggling to pay the bills. Here's what Biden can do to help.

Lawmakers could also make sure extended benefits – that is, allowing the unemployed to receive up to 50 rather than only 26 weeks of insurance – don’t expire in the March.

And I believe the relief package should also consider investing to help state offices hire more workers, update their technology infrastructure and coordinate more effectively with other states. This should lead to timelier and more accurate payments and protect against the most sophisticated attempts at fraud.

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Steven Pressman, Professor of Economics, Colorado State University; Melanie G. Long, Assistant Professor of Economics, The College of Wooster; R. Andrew Butters, Assistant Professor of Business Economics, Indiana University, and Veronika Dolar, Assistant Professor of Economics, SUNY Old Westbury

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