Are Australia Israel are Teaming Up to Take on China?

December 20, 2021 Topic: China Region: Middle EastAustralia Blog Brand: The Reboot Tags: AustraliaIsraelDefense CooperationTerrorismChina

Are Australia Israel are Teaming Up to Take on China?

With the Quad grouping of Australia, India, Japan and the US gaining momentum and emphasising critical technologies, Israel could contribute to its work. Israel is already working on critical technologies in ‘another Quad’ with the US, India and the United Arab Emirates.

Britain and Israel have agreed to deepen ties in areas such as cybersecurity, AI and quantum computing and an AUKUS-plus agreement between Australia and Israel could be based on that model to jointly deliver new capabilities. It would be timely to refresh Australia’s 2017 defence memorandum of understanding with Israel.

The Australians called for a ministerial meeting soon to set the terms for closer defence and security cooperation and urged Israel to join ASPI’s 2022 Sydney Dialogue that’s focused on emerging, critical and cyber technologies.

This article was first published by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute.

Image: Reuters