Israel: The Middle East’s Not-So-Secret Nuclear Power

January 1, 2021 Topic: Security Region: Middle East Blog Brand: The Reboot Tags: Nuclear WeaponsIsraelIran Nuclear Deal

Israel: The Middle East’s Not-So-Secret Nuclear Power

There are a lot of mysteries surrounding Israel’s nuclear arsenal. That is partly due to the Israeli security establishment’s unwritten rule of never speaking about the country’s nuclear weapons program in public in order to preserve the principle of deterrence. 

The Middle East has a lot of complications and a long set of crises that are depriving millions of people from experiencing the type of life that many in the west take for granted.  But Israel’s nuclear stockpile is not a part of that list.

Daniel R. DePetris is an analyst at Wikistrat, Inc., a geostrategic consulting firm, and a freelance researcher. He has also written for, Small Wars Journal and The Diplomat. (This first appeared in September 2015.)

Image: Reuters.