North Korea Once Sent Commandoes to Kill the South Korean President

January 5, 2022 Topic: North Korea Region: Korean Peninsula Blog Brand: The Reboot Tags: Korean WarSpecial ForcesSeoulCold WarBlue House

North Korea Once Sent Commandoes to Kill the South Korean President

At midnight on January 17, 1968, thirty-one men in dark overalls quietly slip across the demilitarized zone separating North from South Korea.

Kim Shin-jo’s example shows that some people can overcome fanatical indoctrination when treated humanely and offered a different perspective on the world.

But unfortunately, some pathologies seem doomed to repeat themselves. Fifteen years after the Blue House raid, Pyongyang made a second assassination attempt on a South Korean president that came even closer to succeeding.

And in December 2016, North Korean media released photos of Kim Jong-un cackling with glee as his special forces put on a theatrical display blowing up a full-scale mockup of the Blue House.

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Image: Reuters.