These 5 Weapons are a Gamechanger for Any Infantry

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These 5 Weapons are a Gamechanger for Any Infantry

The AK-47 was the world’s first standard-issue assault rifle.

An entire line of infantry weapons has grown up around the QBZ-95. A carbine version with a shorter overall length is available for vehicle crews and special forces, while a heavier barrel variant is available to boost squad firepower. Unfortunately, the heavier version cannot accept belt-fed ammunition and only takes 30-round magazines, limiting its ability to provide high-volume firepower.

The rifle uses a unique 5.8-millimeter round developed by China and not used outside of its borders. The justification for the round is a bit of a mystery. It seemingly does not provide any significant improvement over existing NATO and Russian cartridges, both of which have seen extensive research and development and the development of a wide variety of subrounds. One possible explanation for the Chinese round is that it makes the QBZ-95 unable to accept externally sourced ammunition.

Although the rifle has so far not seen widespread use outside of China, China’s status and the size of China’s Army earn it a place on this list.

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This article first appeared in 2014.

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