Time for Kamala Harris to Quit?

Kamala Harris
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Time for Kamala Harris to Quit?

Is it time for Kamala Harris to step down from the Vice Presidency and let President Joe Biden pick someone else for the position?

Is it time for Kamala Harris to step down from the Vice Presidency and let President Joe Biden pick someone else for the position?

That is what one media wag asked back in November of 2022, which always seems to get recirculated repeatedly. 

In the scathing column, a Senior Reporter from Slate, yes, Slate, thinks it is time for Harris to throw in the towel.

Christina Cauterucci roasted Kamala Harris for her poor presidential campaign and her failure to live up to expectations as the vice president.

Kamala Harris Is Getting the Business from Leftist Publications

Slate is not known for its Conservative leanings, so, notably, the web magazine would be so harsh on Harris. And since 2022, the dings from the left keep on coming. 

Indeed, the column has very little to say that is positive about the vice president.

The main points are that Harris only looks good on paper, wilts under pressure, can’t think on her feet, has bad approval numbers, and is a liability for Biden.

Critiques Are Coming on a Daily Basis

We have covered the foibles and weaknesses of Kamala Harris extensively.

The biggest problem with Harris is her difficulty communicating effectively during speeches and media interviews.

She speaks in circles with confusing repetitions that critics call “word salads.”

Her statements can sometimes have a tremendous grasp of the obvious or do not make sense.

These speeches are often made at low-pressure ceremonial events where she should have no problem talking.

The Harder the Questions, the Worse the Answers for Kamala Harris

It is worse under pressure.

Kamala Harris also has a nervous laugh when confronted with difficult questions and often seems surprised when pressed by the media.

She may not be reading her briefing books closely, and she has trouble in wide-ranging interviews, especially concerning policy areas such as immigration where she has enjoyed little success.

Slate’s Cauterucci noticed the problem as far back as 2019 when Harris was running for president.

The scribe observed Harris falling flat in debates after her memorized answers were used up.

She Doesn’t Rise to the Occasion

“Her dazzling presence in planned speeches and gotcha moments flickered out when she was forced to think—and relay a coherent policy position—on her feet. It was a spectacular letdown that contained a lesson about electoral politics: candidates who looks promising on paper can easily flounder under pressure,” Cauterucci wrote.

The Approval Numbers Must Improve

Biden's polls stubbornly around 40 percent. Harris is a bit lower at 37 percent

Many previous vice presidents have enjoyed higher ratings than Harris at this point of their terms.

The Attacks Haven’t Helped

Cauterucci blames some of this on insults from the right and people who are sexist and racist. Still, even the left does admit that Kamala Harris has been underwhelming and disappointing despite high expectations from her sterling resume.

Time to Just Quit?

Kamala Harris should thus resign as VP, and Biden could then give her a cabinet position in the administration, Cauterucci reckons.

That is a drastic step. Harris will likely recover in approval ratings if Biden can improve his.

However, the VP could still be a liability if she doesn’t get better on the stump and fails to deliver intelligent and quick-witted answers to media questions.

Take Drastic Action, Kamala Harris 

In the past, I have recommended that Harris refrain from ad libbing and improvising at events. This is where she gets sidetracked and off message. That leads to odd statements.

If I were her chief of staff, I would limit her public appearances and media opportunities until she thoroughly examines how her speeches are written and where she meanders from talking points. The problem could stem from when Kamala Harris tries to be relatable, folksy, and funny. There is no need for this type of levity and inauthenticity. She needs to stick to the text of the speech and the bullet points in her briefing book.

If she doesn’t improve soon, she could find herself replaced on the ticket. This would be a major disappointment for someone who has that much potential.

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