U.S. Marines Have a Long (and Mixed) History in Nicaragua

October 18, 2020 Topic: History Region: Americas Blog Brand: The Reboot Tags: U.S. Marine CorpsMarinesNicaraguaMilitary HistorySandinistas

U.S. Marines Have a Long (and Mixed) History in Nicaragua

For more than two decades, U.S. Marines fought bandits and put down political insurrections in Nicaragua—with mixed results.

Politically, the Marine incursion into Nicaragua was a dismal failure. As Major W.D. Bushnell noted in American Military Intervention: A Useful Tool or a Curse: “The American military intervention in Nicaragua was unfortunate because of all the major U.S. interventions in the Caribbean area, it was the most difficult to justify. Consequently, there was good reason for its universal condemnation in Latin America and whole-hearted regret in the United States. One would be hard pressed to prove that the national interests of the United States were served by the whole sorry business.”

This article first appeared on the Warfare History Network.

Image: Wikimedia Commons