USS Midway: A Navy Battle 'Aircraft Carrier' with An Armored Flight Deck

USS Midway Aircraft Carrier U.S. Navy
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USS Midway: A Navy Battle 'Aircraft Carrier' with An Armored Flight Deck

Launched in 1945, the USS Midway marked a revolution in naval engineering as the largest warship for a decade. Designed as a "beefier battle carrier" with an armored flight deck, the Midway-class carriers including the USS Franklin D. Roosevelt and USS Coral Sea, initially aimed to carry 130 aircraft.


Finally, on April 11, 1992—forty-seven years after she had been launched—the Midway was decommissioned. Today she serves as a museum ship in San Diego.

As the Midway-class carriers expanded in size they never entirely shed their early design flaws. Yet they repeatedly adapted to new technological paradigms and rendered history-making service for nearly a half-century—a record any ship designer would envy.


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