What Do "Woke" Anti-Racists Believe? Here's Three Things You Need To Remember

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What Do "Woke" Anti-Racists Believe? Here's Three Things You Need To Remember

“If we truly believe that all humans are equal, then disparity in condition can only be the result of systemic discrimination.”

Which policies fall under the rubric of being racist or anti-racist?

All of them.

“Every policy in every institution in every community in every nation is producing or sustaining either racial inequity or equity,” Kendi writes.

For those who believe they can escape the ugly culture war implications of these ideas and focus on economic or fiscal policies, it’s worth noting that embracing socialism and fighting capitalism is a critical element in promoting anti-racism.

And you will oppose capitalism, or else.

An example of racist policy, Kendi writes, is lowering capital gains taxes.

Therefore, a supporter of lower capital gains taxes—or even someone who isn’t actively opposing lower capital gains taxes—may be barred from running for or serving in office by a team of unaccountable bureaucrats in a permanently funded federal agency.

On top of that, this agency would have the power to void passage of a lower capital gains tax in Congress.

Gone are notions of individual rights or limited self-government. Gone are constitutional protections of freedom of speech and association. 

Gone is the very bedrock of the system created by the Founders, the Constitution that has bent the flawed but exceptional American system toward liberty and justice.

We have a word for such a law: tyranny.

This article by Jarrett Stepman first appeared in The Daily Signal on August 10, 2020.

Image: Reuters.