Where Israel's Merkava Tank Bests America's Powerful M1 Abrams

June 16, 2020 Topic: Security Blog Brand: The Reboot Tags: IsraelMilitaryTechnologyMerkavaTankM1 Abrams

Where Israel's Merkava Tank Bests America's Powerful M1 Abrams

Two great tanks with different missions.


Ultimately, the Merkava IV and M1A2 are both designed according to different national doctrines and operational requirements. The U.S. tank is meant to fight rapid Blitzkrieg-style wars with enemy tanks as its chief target, while the Merkava is expected to fight defensive battles and provide support to counterinsurgency operations in urban and mountain terrain. The M1 benefits from certain technologies unavailable to Israeli industry, notably in depleted uranium armor and ammunition. On the other hand, the Merkava has long had a greater emphasis on crew convenience and protection.

If the Merkava IV offers any lessons to the U.S. military, it should be regarding the importance of fielding effective countermeasures against more advanced anti-tank missiles such as the Kornet, which the U.S. military has so far only encountered in limited numbers. The Merkava IV’s combat experience with the Trophy APS suggests that implementing such an upgrade to the U.S. tank fleet could significantly improve its survivability.


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Image: Reuters.