Why China's Military Sees America As The True Enemy

June 17, 2020 Topic: Security Region: Asia Blog Brand: The Reboot Tags: ChinaRussiaMilitaryTechnologyPLAArmy

Why China's Military Sees America As The True Enemy

The reality is that PLA officers are trained to view the U.S. as an enemy, and they will plan and act accordingly.

While the new U.S. national strategy reports are clear-eyed in their assessment of Beijing's intentions, so far little has been done which would indicate that Washington has actually reached a consensus on its China policy and is prepared to execute a long-term strategic competition. Much hard work will be required to turn wise words into action. In that sense, the PLA has a significant head start. It decided to become America's strategic competitor long ago ― and if the "Strong Enemy" didn't realize what was going on, for them, so much the better.

This first appeared on the Project 2049 website here. 

Image: Reuters. 

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