2020 HDTV King? Samsung’s Q90T QLED TV-One of the Year’s Highest-Rated TVs

2020 HDTV King? Samsung’s Q90T QLED TV-One of the Year’s Highest-Rated TVs

The TV has rave reviews and would be a good buy as the socially-distanced holiday season approaches.

The Q90T is the flagship of Samsung’s 2020 4K QLED lineup, and it’s clearly been one of the better-received high-end TVs to arrive on the market this year. Some recently published reviews have only added to its acclaim.

Techradar released its review this month, and stated that the Q90T “doesn’t need to use its intense brightness to dazzle viewers and instead goes for natural colors and exceptional black levels. It lacks some of the features of the Q95T and some modes are a bit darker than we’d like, but the Dynamic setting delivers some of the brightest images on any LED-LCD TV.”

Other listed positives included Dynamic Mode, accurate colors, and the HDMI 2.1 port, while listed drawbacks included that some modes were too dark, the lack of a OneConnect box, and that Bixby, Samsung’s much-maligned digital assistant, “still needs work.”

This follows the rave review that appeared on What HiFi in August, which gave the Q90T five stars out of five and called it “a punchy pleasure.”

“Set aside the comparison with the Q90R and see the Q90T for what it is: an excellent, aggressively priced 4K TV that does things its OLED rivals simply can’t,” the What HiFi review said. That review’s positive aspects highlighted the Q90T’s “brilliantly bright and punchy,” its “superb” Tizen operating system, and “improved sound and motion,” while it listed such drawbacks as the “slightly exaggerated colors.”

And in an article this week, asking whether Samsung’s QLED TVs are “worth it,” Tom Guide calls the Q90T “The best 4K QLED TV.”

“This is Samsung’s top 4K smart TV, and until 8K sets started taking the spotlight, was rightly considered the crown jewel of Samsung’s TV line,” the site said. “While higher resolution models have arrived, there’s no denying that the Q90T is still the best 4K set you can get from Samsung.”

When it reviewed the Q90T in May, RTINGS gave it a mixed usage score of 8.5, and called it “an overall excellent TV that comes with nearly every imaginable feature to deliver a stunning picture quality and viewing experience.” RTINGS ranks the Q90T 16th in its overall rankings of best available TVs. It’s ranked second among Samsung TVs—behind only the Q90 from 2019, which is two spots ahead—and fifth among TVs from 2020. It does rank ahead of Samsung’s new Terrace outdoor TV, which RTINGS reviewed recently.

The Q90T line comes in four sizes, of 55-, 65-, 75- and 85 inches. RTINGS’ price chart estimates the TVs’ current prices at, respectively, $1,600, $2,200, $3,000 and $4,500. These are down slightly from when the lineup was first announced, when the largest model was at an even
higher price point.

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Image: Reuters