2021 Could Be the Year of Mini-LED TVs

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2021 Could Be the Year of Mini-LED TVs

The number of companies joining this particular market is set to increase.

Mini-LED TV is one of those TV technologies often seen as a key part of the future of high-end TV technology.

Per a report published earlier this year, Mini-LED is “an evolutionary rather than revolutionary technology [as] Mini-LED essentially advances traditional LCD tech in an effort to deliver a wider contrast ratio and deeper blacks. It promises to be a premium offering—like OLED is.” Mini-LED is not an alternative to QLED, but rather is used along with it.

It’s also used in some non-TV tech products and is expected to be used in new iPad Pro tablets from Apple next year. Nintendo has also discussed bringing the technology to the future Nintendo Switch Pro, a report said last month.

TCL was the first major manufacturer to take the Mini-LED plunge, with the Chinese company Xiaomi also doing so. But a new report says there’s a lot more of that to come.

According to The Elec, several major TV manufacturers, including Samsung and LG, are jumping into the Mini-LED fray next year. Samsung will feature the technology in at least some of its QLED models in 2021, the report said.

Samsung is expected to offer such TVs in the 55-, 65-, 75- and 85-inch sizes, while LG is preparing to offer 4K and 8K resolution 70-inch Mini-LED TVs, although LG’s focus will remain on OLED TVs, the report said.

According to the report, which cited data from TrendForce, 4.4 million Mini-LED TVs are forecasted to ship in 2021, with two million of them coming from Samsung. Two other Chinese manufacturers, Konka and Skyworth, are also expected to enter the fray, with TCL also bringing out new products with the technology in 2021. DigiTimes said in October that Vizio, another manufacturer that makes Quantum/QLED TVs, would also be incorporating the technology in their TVs.

It’s not clear when we will first see the Mini-LED TVs, although the virtual CES tech event, which is now set for January, is where most major TV manufactures usually show off their wares for the year.

Mini-LED is not to be confused with MicroLED, a similar technology which, per Tom’s Guide, “uses multi-color LEDs as individual pixels.”

“Where traditional LED backlighting uses 30-50 LEDs clustered in several discrete dimming zones behind an LCD panel, mini-LED can number in the hundreds or thousands for the same screen size, and be used in dozens, even hundreds of dimmable backlighting zones,” the Tom’s Guide report continued. “The improvement to contrast is staggering, with expected contrast ratios of 1,000,000:1, a significant improvement over the 10,000:1 ratios of current TVs.”

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