Best Buy Slashes Price to $849.99 on Samsung QLED Q60 65-inch 4K TV

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Best Buy Slashes Price to $849.99 on Samsung QLED Q60 65-inch 4K TV

Time to buy? Is this a good deal? 


Best Buy’s huge sale is going on right now, but know that it’s only for 24 hours. One of the best deals within that time block concerns Samsung’s 65-inch QLED TV, which can be had for a ridiculous sum of $849.99 – that’s $250 slashed from the usual price tag.

Sure, 75- and even 80-plus QLED and OLED monsters are getting more attention these days, but if you want to keep the spending down to under a grand, this is indeed a deal you need to jump on quickly before it’s too late.


This particular TV offers a premium viewing experience, thanks to its QLED tech and excellent overall image quality that boasts plenty-deep black levels. Quantum Dot technology lets you experience images bursting with a dazzling range of more than 1 billion colors, each upscaled to incredible clarity driven by an intelligent 4K processor.

The high light output works incredibly well with HDR, and you’ll surely enjoy the accurate colors and solid video processing, which will be a boon for hardcore gamers and lovers of intense action films.

If you need today’s smart capabilities, you’re definitely in luck. You can seamlessly stream your favorite TV shows and movies directly from apps like Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus and more. This TV is also fully compatible with the SmartThings App, which enables you to control and monitor your TV and connected devices via your smartphone.

The only real downside is the built-in digital assistant Bixby, and many have shared their frustrations with this. Bixby, unfortunately, doesn’t come close to the skills of Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, which can found on rivals from LG to Sony. The 2019 versions, though, will be able to respond to voice commands issued via Alexa and Google Assistant smart speakers.

One nice perk that often gets overlooked is the Ambient Mode, which is designed to show paintings or photographs on the screen when you're not watching it. You can even adjust the backgrounds to match your living room’s walls, and best of all, most of the content won’t cost you a penny.

All told, the Samsung 65-inch 4K TV strikes a wonderful balance between picture quality and price point, with plenty of side perks to boot. If you decide to purchase, you really can’t go wrong with this solid product.

Ethen Kim Lieser is a Tech Editor who has held posts at Google, The Korea Herald, Lincoln Journal Star, AsianWeek and Arirang TV.