Can't Watch “Wonder Woman 1984” Without Problems? You Aren't Alone.

Can't Watch “Wonder Woman 1984” Without Problems? You Aren't Alone.

It appears that the movie had some buffering issues, especially when using Roku.

HBO Max debuted “Wonder Woman 1984” on Christmas Day, as the first movie in WarnerMedia’s controversial strategy of releasing a year’s worth of films simultaneously on the streaming service and in theaters.

As with most streaming releases, it’s hard to say whether “Wonder Woman 1984” was a hit, although an HBO Max press release two days after the release stated that the film had broken “usage records” for the streaming service’s young history.

“Nearly half of the platform’s retail subscribers viewing the film on the day of its arrival, along with millions of wholesale subscribers who have access to HBO Max via a cable, wireless, or other partner services.” That came as part of the announcement that the company was fast-tracking development on a third “Wonder Woman” movie, with director Patty Jenkins returning.

In the time since the film’s debut on HBO Max, there have been reports about problems with the stream of “Wonder Woman,” including glitches that have not been present on other HBO Max programming. This may be related to “Wonder Woman 1984”‘ status as the first HBO Max film to be available with several technologies, including 4K, HDR 10, Dolby Vision AND Dolby Atmos.

Per Deadline, users have been contacting the HBO Max support Twitter account to complain of glitches with the movie.

“What’s going on with WW84? All your other content looks great. I try to watch this film and it’s stuttering all over the place. Totally unwatchable,” one Twitter user said on January 1.

“A significant number of HBO Max users have had trouble watching the film, particularly those using Roku streaming devices,” Tom’s Guide wrote of the issue.

“For whatever reason, Wonder Woman 1984 plays like crap on my Roku TV’s HBO Max app, unwatchable choppy frame rate. Everything else HBO plays fine though,” journalist Brandon Wall tweeted.

In addition to the glitches, “Wonder Woman 1984” has generally not been as well-received as its 2017 predecessor. Film critics—of which I am one—gave it 61 percent positive Rotten Tomatoes score, while the Audience Score is a slightly better 74 percent.

The analytics firm Antenna, meanwhile, proclaimed “Wonder Woman 1984” the most impactful streaming movie release of the year, in terms of subscriber acquisition by the service, a metric by which it edged out Disney+’s July release “Hamilton.”

As for the film’s theatrical release, it grossed a total of $28.5 million domestically in its first two weeks, in the movie theaters that are currently open. While a paltry amount by normal blockbuster standards, “Wonder Woman” has done much better than most releases of the fourth quarter of 2020, and the film’s international box office has reached $118.5 million.

“Wonder Woman 1984” will be available on HBO Max for a 30-day period.

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Image: Reuters.