LG Set to Begin Rollout of 2021 OLEDs, Other TVs


LG Set to Begin Rollout of 2021 OLEDs, Other TVs

LG continues to get high marks for its advanced and well-regarded OLED TVs.

At the “virtual” CES back in January, LG introduced its TV lineup for 2021. The lineup was led by the LG G1 Gallery Series, which features what’s known as the OLED Evo panel. The company also introduced its new non-OLED TVs, including the Nanocell line and QNED TVs.

Now, the company has announced its rollout plans, albeit vague ones, for the new lineup.

LG said Tuesday that “select TV series, models and sizes will begin rolling out to participating retailers in the first quarter continuing throughout the year with specific dates and lineups announced locally.”

“Guaranteed to deliver an exceptional home entertainment experience, the comprehensive collection offers a wider range of screen sizes from the most compact 43 inches to a new-to-market 83 inches and a mesmerizing 88 inches so there’s a perfect LG TV for any size room or user needs,” LG said in their release.

The company also reiterated the features that will part of the new lineup.

The OLED lineup consists of the G1, Z1, C1, B1 and A1, all of which feature the new OLED Evo panel technology. In 2020, LG used names like GX, CX and BX for their OLED models, while in 2019 the OLED TVs had names like E9, C9, and B9.

At the end of CES, LG’s C1 OLED TV was the Best of CES winner in the category of Best TV.

“For the past several years, LG’s OLEDs have been the cream of the crop for anyone who demands the best TV quality. Unlike LCD TVs, OLEDs don’t require a backlight. Instead, each individual pixel can turn itself on and off, allowing them to display pure black levels in ways that LCDs still can’t match,” Engadget, the publication that presents the awards, said. “Sure, we’re seeing higher-quality MiniLED LCD sets coming (LG has those two in its QNED line), but even they’re still trying desperately to catch up with the picture purity of OLED.”

“Our commitment to raising the industry bar and increasing value for consumers are both clearly evident in the 2021 LG OLED TV lineup,” Park Hyoung-sei, the president of the LG Home Entertainment Company, said in the CES release. 

“Featuring LG OLED evo, our most advanced panel technology yet, our newest OLED TVs are in a league of their own, delivering another level of viewing experience we feel confident in saying is second to none.”

The QNED line of Mini LED TVs features both 8K and 4K models, and use LG’s Quantum Dot NanoCell technology. As for the NanoCell line, it also consists of 4K and 8K models, including five 4K TVs and two 8K TVs.

All of the models across the 2021 lineup support HDMI 2.1, enhanced audio return channel (eARC), and automatic low latency mode (ALLM). And all feature webOS 6.0, the latest version of LG’s operating system.

The RTINGS.com rankings of the best available TVs are dominated by LG OLED models from 2019 and 2020, with those TVs taking the top six spots and eight of the top ten. None of the 2021 models have yet been reviewed.

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Image: LG.