Robot Dogs: Is the U.S. Marine Corps Developing the Ultimate Weapon?

Robot Dogs: Is the U.S. Marine Corps Developing the Ultimate Weapon?

Spot is coming. Are you ready? 

The Marine Corps is testing a four-legged robotic dog designed to travel alongside dismounted units and explore dangerous combat situations in order to reduce risk to forces on-the-move, PC World reported. 

The new prototype robot, called Spot, is made by Google X's Boston Dynamics.

"Spot weighs about 70kgs, is electrically operated and walks on four hydraulically-actuated legs. Its controlled via wireless by an operator who can be up to 500 meters away," PC World's report stated.

The testing, which took place at Marine Corps Base Quantico, Va., assessed the robot-dog in a variety of tactical situations such as transversing hills, woodland and urban areas.  

Take a look at this video of Spot by Boston Dynamics (see bottom of article).

Spot is outfitted with laser imaging sensors designed to detect threats ahead of units on patrol, PC World explained. The concept is to reduce risks to Marines by sending a robot equipped with sensors into a dangerous, high-risk area to detect for enemy fighters, improvised explosive devices and other threats. 

The testing, research and construction of the Spot was funded by the Marine Corps Warfighting Lab and the Pentagon's research arm called the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, the report said. 

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Image: Flickr/Marine Corps.