An American Monarch

January 29, 2010 Topics: HistoryThe PresidencyPoliticsSociety Regions: Americas Tags: War On Terrorism

An American Monarch

Mini Teaser: Obama’s attack on the Supreme Court is just the latest in a long history of presidential power grabs. Gordon Wood dissects John Yoo.

by Author(s): Gordon S. Wood


IN A brief afterword, Yoo suggests that President Obama has realized he cannot repudiate all of Bush's counterterrorist measures and that he must continue to assert his presidential powers. Most important to Yoo is the fact that in all of President Obama's early and expansive exertions of power as chief executive, he has relied on the authority granted him by the Constitution. "If Obama wishes to guide the nation successfully through its period of economic crash and foreign threat, he must draw on the mainspring of presidential power as deeply as his greatest predecessors." Only time will tell what he can get away with.


Gordon S. Wood is Alva O. Way University Professor and professor of history emeritus at Brown University. 

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