An Announcement from the Publisher

March 14, 2011 Topic: Society

An Announcement from the Publisher

The National Interest's publisher has changed its name.

For over ten years, The Nixon Center has served as publisher of The National Interest. On March 8, 2011, the Center announced its new name, Center for the National Interest.

The Center changed its name in connection with its separation from The Richard Nixon Foundation, of which it had been initially a division and later a subsidiary. The new name reflects the Center’s nonpartisan focus on the analysis of U.S. national interests as well as the fact that unlike the private Nixon Foundation and the government-run Nixon Library, the Center’s work is overwhelmingly forward-looking. The Center for the National Interest will continue to apply the prism of Richard Nixon’s foreign policy realism to contemporary foreign policy challenges, with help from many of the former president’s key advisers who serve on its Board of Directors, including Henry Kissinger, Maurice Greenberg, James Schlesinger, Robert Ellsworth, and others.

Of course, the Center’s new name also reinforces the mission that it shares with The National Interest, to ensure that U.S. national interests and priorities remain central in America’s foreign policy debates. This requires hard-headed analysis of international events, careful consideration of possible unintended consequences of our choices, and—in a democratic society—free and open exchanges among those with differing definitions of U.S. interests in the twenty-first century. Current turmoil in the Middle East shows just how important this discussion of national interests is for American policy.