Obama's Morocco Opportunity

November 15, 2013 Topic: Global Governance Region: Morocco

Obama's Morocco Opportunity

Next week's visit by the Moroccan king is rife with chances for cooperation.

Thus the king’s visit to Washington is a historic opportunity for the two heads of state to break out of the rigid regional divisions that defined the past century’s foreign policies, for the betterment of the African continent as well as Moroccan and American interests. Having done so, the partnership can challenge other countries in the region and beyond to think beyond their “comfort zones” of language and identity and find new, unconventional ways of fostering human development.

Between the flash points of the Middle East and the threats, challenges, and opportunities awaiting America and its allies in Africa, it would seem that President Obama and King Mohammed VI could get a lot done in the White House next week.

Ahmed Charai is publisher of the weekly Moroccan newspaper L'Observateur and president of MED Radio, a national broadcast network in Morocco, MEDTV network and chairman of the board of Al-Ahdath al-Maghrebiya Arabic daily newspaper. As an expert on Morocco and North Africa, he sits on the Board of Trustees of the Foreign Policy Research Institute and the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington. He is a member of The National Interest's Advisory Council.