The Washington Realist: A Partition for Kosovo?

The Washington Realist: A Partition for Kosovo?

Partition is not a magic solution—but it was an option that should never have been unilaterally removed off the table.

A few months back, writing in the Los Angeles Times on Kosovo and the U.S.-Russia relationship, Dimitri Simes wrote: "A reasonable solution would be to find a compromise that would win Serbia's support by either falling short of complete independence or by allowing a few areas of Kosovo to remain in Serbia, thus setting a middle-of-the-road precedent for Georgia's regions as well.

"But for an influential group of neoconservatives and liberal interventionists inside and outside the Bush administration, compromise is unacceptable."

Well, the growing sense in Europe that some creative thinking would be needed to get things moving seems to have resulted in the remarkable openness shown by the EU envoy, former German ambassador to the United States Wolfgang Ischinger, to partition.

"It is the principle of the troika to be prepared to endorse any agreement which both parties manage to achieve. That includes all options ... We are urging both sides to think outside the box." . . .

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