A Way Forward for the U.S. and Russia

November 15, 2013 Topic: Security Region: Russia

A Way Forward for the U.S. and Russia

Examining the forces in play.

Russia and America have things to discuss—separately and together: the principle of partnership and its concrete content, regional issues, the American missile defense system, space, new technologies, leadership and exceptionalism of America, the revival of Russia, and Eurasian integration. In this regard, Obama's idea about taking time for reflection on the future of relations with Russia can be considered as a plus. Although the acuteness of problems in America and the world’s attitude to it are such that a review of the American strategy seems unavoidable, the mood of dominance and exceptionality in the American political class are still strong. This is a pity. It’s quite possible that the response to the problems will be based not on critical self-analysis and reflection, but on traditional toughness. The future will show whether the idea of the US-Russia-China triangle as a foundation for the world order will be of use in coming years.

Dmitry Ryurikov is former Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador, and consultant of the head of the Russian Strategic Studies Institute.

Image: Flickr/Mark Rain. CC BY 2.0.