Wikileaks and the Arabs

Wikileaks and the Arabs

Arabs may fear Iran, but America and Israel aren't far behind. And Ahmadinejad is more popular than Obama.

10. May there be jihadis like you who will succeed in the name of God. God be with you (no country)

11. All pride and honor go to all free people and to you Mr. Ahmadinejad (Bahrain)

12. God be with you Ahmadinejad who is with those in Palestine and fights the Americans and the Zionists (Saudi Arabia)

13. I don’t like the Shi’a and I am against the visit at this point BUT we should thank Iran for its support of the resistance. So I don’t know which camp I belong to??? (Amman)

14. Imagine if we had this hero, along with Nasser, Boumidyan, and Nasrallah, who would have dared stand up to the Arabs? (Palestine)

15. Lebanon stands against the Shiite marja’iyya of Iran (no country)

16. This visit is a message that Lebanon is an Iranian colony. Lebanese should revolt! (Riyadh)

17. This visit has huge implications for Lebanon most important of which is to get Nasrallah out of trouble with regard to the tribunal (Sudan)

18. You are most welcome, the leader of all Muslims, to Lebanon (Lebanon)

19. It is very sad, his visit should have never been allowed (Canada)

20. Those who object to his visit are enemies of Lebanon (Morocco)

21. Ahmadinejad is not a real man, he is all show (Saudi Arabia)

22. In honesty, I am very happy for his visit. God bless the Iranian nation and I hope God makes it the most powerful on earth and may America fall (Kuwait)

23. I respect all the comments above, may God bless Ahmadinejad, Berri, and Nasrallah (Dubai)

24. Many leaders visited Lebanon but have any of them visited the Palestinian refugee camps? Only he and the British queen in 1982 have, so praise both of them (Ireland)

25. Welcome to Ahmadinejad and we hope you will visit Gaza as well.

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Readers Feedback

1. You are not welcome (Saudi Arabia)

2. You are not welcome in Lebanon, the Paris of the Orient (Saudi Arabia)

3. Why is the visit a problem? Didn’t he visit Iraq with the blessing of the most powerful countries in the world? (Saudi Arabia)

4. If only the Lebanese people would take care of their own problems, they wouldn’t bicker about this inconsequential visit (Saudi Arabia)

5. Welcome to the hero of Arabs and Muslims! Welcome to your second home Mr. Ahmadinejad (Saudi Arabia)

6. Welcome to President Ahmadinejad and we hope that the Lebanese government would ask for military and energy assistance from Iran. Instead of accusing them all sorts of things, ask them for assistance and if they don’t deliver, then you can say whatever you want! (Saudi Arabia)

7. Welcome to Ahmadinejad the hero in his second home Lebanon! (Saudi Arabia)

8. This is an Iranian show! In front of Arabs, he is saying that Lebanon is our backyard. (Saudi Arabia)

9. Lebanon will never be an Iranian colony! You are not welcome by the majority of the Arab Lebanese because you are coming as a colonizer not as a friend (Saudi Arabia)

10. Hezbollah has the right to welcome its important guest regardless of what other Arabs think of him (Saudi Arabia)

11. Why didn’t he visit Syria? He who wants peace should be there (Saudi Arabia)

12. You are most welcome to Lebanon Mr. Ahmadinejad (Saudi Arabia)

13. Ahmadinejad is a hero like no other! He is the shepherd of the resistance and we thank God for you (Saudi Arabia)

14. Welcome to the hero of all Muslims (Saudi Arabia)

15. Iran is and will always be an infidel nation (Saudi Arabia)

16. I heard he was going to throw a rock at the Israelis on the other side. Welcome Mr. Resistance! (Saudi Arabia)

17. Syria considers Ahmadinejad as its biggest mentor (Saudi Arabia)

18. Arabs are tribes and they keep fighting against each other. So this visit will change nothing about that (Saudi Arabia)

19. I think his visit is better than any other visit by a European leader but that is up to the hosts to decide (Saudi Arabia)

20. Lebanese should rise and fight the Iranian stream and its agents! (Saudi Arabia)

21. How can those who are against the visit call for the liberation of Palestine?!!! How can you object to his visit when he is championing the Palestinian cause?

22. Why have Arabs allowed Ahmadinejad to go this far? Cut off Syria from him so you can stop the Iranian stream! I loved you Mr. Hassan Nasrallah but please don’t let the Iranians have a presence in Lebanon (Saudi Arabia)

23. You are not welcome (Saudi Arabia)

24. You are not welcome at all, only by the minority (Saudi Arabia)

25. We are tired of bogus leaders who keep promising but end up doing nothing for the Palestinian cause (Saudi Arabia)