Algeria: North Africa’s Reluctant Policeman

September 29, 2014 Topic: CounterinsurgencySecurity Region: Algeria

Algeria: North Africa’s Reluctant Policeman

"Algeria has begun to come out of its shell, and the country is weighing in on political and security developments in neighboring countries..."

The fierce debate raging inside the Algerian regime over interventionist action will continue. For now, North Africa’s “reluctant policeman” will no doubt stick to a number of its noninterventionist dogmas. However, should a cataclysmic event like In Amenas occur on Algerian soil once more, the country will probably have no choice but to take decisive action.

Imad Mesdoua is a political analyst specializing in the Maghreb and West Africa. He regularly provides on-air analysis as a guest commentator for the BBC, Al Jazeera and France24. Follow him on Twitter at @ImadMesdoua. This piece also appears here.

Image: Wikimedia Commons/ Sahnouni/CC by-sa 3.0