America and Russia: Permanent Confrontation?

America and Russia: Permanent Confrontation?

A symposium on U.S.-Russia relations in the age of Trump.

At a time of great uncertainty in the U.S.-Russia relationship, the National Interest has taken a close look at the inherent risks and opportunities.

The September/October 2017 issue of the National Interest features a symposium from eleven experts, answering the question, “Is there a real chance to improve U.S.-Russia relations in a way that serves U.S. interests, or is the relationship doomed to confrontation?”

Entries will be published over the coming days (please check this page daily), including:

• Dimitri K. Simes: “The Costs of Ignoring Russia

• Graham Allison: “America and Russia: Back to Basics

• Zalmay Khalilzad: “The Path to U.S.-Russia Cooperation

• Dov S. Zakheim: “America and Russia: Time to Come Clean

• Angela Stent: “America and Russia: Same Old, Same Old

• Robert W. Merry: “Stop Poking the Russian Bear

• Robert Legvold: “Getting America and Russia Back to Normal

• Eric Edelman: “Is a U.S.-Russia Reset Possible?

Image: Reuters.