Asia's Most Dangerous Rivalry Heats Up: China vs. Japan

July 21, 2014 Topic: SecurityDefense Region: ChinaJapan

Asia's Most Dangerous Rivalry Heats Up: China vs. Japan

With China rising and Japan seeking to become a "normal nation," the stage is set for increased tensions.

Overall, while China has managed to progressively push its territorial claims to their fullest extent, it has risked empowering a long-time rival—Japan—which has shown unprecedented determination to serve as a regional counterweight under the Abe administration.


Richard Javad Heydarian is a lecturer in international affairs and political science at Ateneo De Manila University, and a policy advisor at the Philippine House of Representatives. As a specialist on Asian geopolitics and economic affairs, he has written for or interviewed by Al Jazeera, Asia Times, BBC, Bloomberg, The New York Times, The Huffington Post, The Diplomat, The National Interest, and USA TODAY, among other leading international publications.  He is the author of How Capitalism Failed the Arab World: The Economic Roots and Precarious Future of the Middle East Uprisings (Zed, London), and the forthcoming book The Philippines: The US, China, and the Struggle for Asia’s Pivot State (Zed, 2015). You can follow him on Twitter: @Richeydarian

​Image: Wikimedia Commons