Asia's Top 5 Economies in 2030

July 8, 2016 Topic: Economics Region: Asia Tags: ChinaJapanIndiaTradeKorea

Asia's Top 5 Economies in 2030

Who are the winners and losers?

And should the South eventually reunite with the North, it would gain access to millions of extra workers, if it can cope with the budgetary cost of unifying the poor North with the richer South.

Predicting the future of one of the world’s most turbulent regions is always subject to error. As an old joke about economists suggests, they were only created to make weather forecasters look good. But while the nature and speed of Asia’s rise can still be debated, its further economic expansion appears unstoppable for some time to come.

Anthony Fensom, a Brisbane, Australia-based freelance writer and consultant with more than a decade's experience in Asia-Pacific financial/media industries. You can find him on Twitter: @a_d_fensom.

Image: Shanghai's financial district. Wikimedia Commons/@Yhz1221