Can Afghanistan Be Saved?

September 6, 2018 Topic: Security Region: Middle East Tags: AfghanistanDemocracyElectionTalibanPashtun

Can Afghanistan Be Saved?

Kabul is a democracy in name only.

A democratic façade was imposed on Asia’s poorest and most fractured country. An extra-constitutional approach may be necessary to keep the country together.

Arif Rafiq ( @arifcrafiq) is a nonresident fellow at the Middle East Institute and president of Vizier Consulting, LLC , a political risk advisory company focusing on the Middle East and South Asia.

Image: A U.S. Army Task Force Brawler CH-47F Chinook conducts a training exercise at Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan, March 26, 2018. Picture taken March 26, 2018. U.S. Air Force/Tech. Sgt. Gregory Brook/Handout via REUTERS. ​