The Gaza War and Iranian Strategy

December 4, 2023 Topic: Iran Region: Middle East Tags: Axis Of ResistanceIranIsraelHezbollahHouthis

The Gaza War and Iranian Strategy

The current situation in the Middle East provides an opportunity to increase global efforts to stop Iran’s malign behavior.

The current situation in the Middle East generates an opportunity and momentum to act against Iran. This should include complementary means to sanctions, such as cyber tools, a direct credible military threat to Iran’s strategic infrastructure, and dismantling of its proxies. But also the targeting of target channels of technology transfer and financial support with direct links to IRGC. In this context, the lawsuit against MTN Group is an important step. The Iranian leadership and its accomplices must know that as long as they engage in terrorism and nuclear armament, the international community will react vigorously.

Joseph Rozen is an expert and practitioner in international relations, Asian affairs, geopolitics, and National Security. Mr. Rozen is a regular contributor to the Misgav Institute for National Security. In his prior capacity, he was the director for Asia & Euro-Asia departments in the Israeli National Security Council, serving under two prime ministers and six national security advisors.