Grading Dictators: A Top Task for the Next President

Grading Dictators: A Top Task for the Next President

It's not inconsistent to oppose some dictators and tolerate others.

The challenge for the next president is not just to develop a realistic, effective strategy for dealing with various dictators, but to revitalize the narrative of freedom as well. The president’s primary responsibility is to protect the freedom, security and prosperity of Americans. Part of doing that job right is respecting and promoting human rights and liberty for all, while defending the principles of state sovereignty.

The world needs an American president who combines all these imperatives into a coherent worldview and can express that vision with frank, moral clarity. Here’s hoping the next president develops a smart game plan for dealing with dictators and finds good ways to talk about bad regimes.

A Heritage Foundation Vice President, James Jay Carafano is director of the think tank’s Davis Institute for National Security and Foreign Policy.

Image: Wikimedia Commons/Emesik.