How Well Do We Know Winston Churchill?

How Well Do We Know Winston Churchill?

Geoffrey Wheatcroft’s Churchill’s Shadow: The Life and Afterlife of Winston Churchill offers a spirited reinterpretation of Winston Churchill's posthumous reputation.


... the cartoonists’ delight, captured particularly well on many occasions by David Low of the Evening Standard, most famously just after the 1945 election, [in his cartoon] of “Two Churchills”: the grumpy, arms-folded “Party Leader”, despondent and sour after his rout at the polls, and then atop a plinth, “The Leader of Humanity”, looking much more cheerful and, of course, flourishing a cigar, as he tells the other, “Cheer up! They will forget you, but they will remember me always.”

And so we have.


Aram Bakshian, Jr. served as an aide to Presidents Nixon, Ford, and Reagan, and has written extensively on politics, history, gastronomy, and the arts for American and overseas publications.

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