Interview: Will Russia Move to the Left?

June 1, 2018 Topic: Security Region: Eurasia Tags: MoscowRussiaPoliticsStalin

Interview: Will Russia Move to the Left?

Paul Saunders interviews Russian leading journalist Maksim Shevchenko.

But it seems to me that the opposition, which calls itself democratic, is gradually losing its momentum. I assure you, in the near future, the opposition, the left flank of opposition, will become the leaders. People like Alexei Navalny, people like [liberal politician Ilya] Yashin, they will remain who they are, i.e. they are fictional opposition figures. These are people who use all the relevant technology, but they possess neither ideology nor worldview. Their main slogan is basically, “We want to be like the West.”

But does the West need this? I say one more time, would you support the forces in Russia that stand for the rebirth of the Russian people as a nation, which is possible through historical paths of development of a social state? I’m not talking today about communism, about Stalin’s communism, or about Khrushchev’s communism, just as very few Americans would say today let us live like during the times of Adams or Madison, or Jackson. It is simply impossible. But the principles of freedom and justice that were formulated by Jefferson and Adams, or Lenin and Stalin—our Russian founding fathers—I believe that these principles should definitely form the basis of our nation. This is my worldview. Whether it is Tsar Nicholas II, whether it is Putin, whether it is King George, they are usurpers. Only a free nation, that has reached free development can be a historical force. I personally will fight for this.

PJS: Thank you very much, Maxim, for your answers to all these questions. They are very helpful in understanding your point of view. I expect that some of it will be controversial for our American readers. But it is very informative in explaining your perspective.

A former newspaper editor and television personality, Maksim Shevchenko is a prominent left-wing candidate for the post of Moscow mayor. He was a top representative of Russia’s Communist Party during Russia’s 2018 presidential campaign debates.

Image: Red Square. Wikipedia