A New U.S. National Security Strategy: A World Transformed

A New U.S. National Security Strategy: A World Transformed

Three world-class experts and policy practitioners declare: "Despite the wrongs committed against China in the past, the People’s Republic of China must not represent the future, for it is corrupt. Harking back to what Ronald Reagan did to spur the dissolution of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, the United States must enunciate that its objective is the peaceful end of the Communist Party of China. China existed for four thousand years before the formation of a communist junta within its borders; China can only achieve greatness combined with liberty and wealth if it frees itself from one-party rule and the despotism that this type of government always brings." 

In the PRC, the state is sanctified. Our founding fathers believed this to be a cardinal mistake. The paramount importance of the separation of church and state is best understood through the study of its contrapositive.  If church and state are not separate, then their natures and dominions are joined. The state becomes the object of worship: this is the essence of communism.  

If church and government are fused, such action is tantamount to a dictum that all the promises of religion are available in this world, but this is nonsense, for to erect heaven on Earth, through man’s labors, is an impossibility: the attempted inculcation of which has caused the death of tens of millions of men, women, and children in the People’s Republic of China in the last century alone. If America does nothing else, the most basic action our country can take is to expound the primacy of the individual above the state. It is this proclamation that communists and totalitarians most fear. Its substantiation will be the basis for our meeting China on terms that it cannot match.


- Embrace our roots as a great nation.

- Entrench bipartisanship, which must transcend political ambitions, for our nation to flourish. 

- Enshrine and propound that “the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God” are our nation’s unequaled armor against the expansionist imposition of communism and what that would foreshadow for the world.

John Poindexter is a physicist and a former Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs.

Robert McFarlane is chairman of an international energy company and a former Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs.

Richard Levine is a former Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Technology Transfer and Security Assistance and a former NSC Staff Director for Policy Development.