A New Vision for America’s North Africa Policy

August 29, 2020 Topic: Security Region: Africa Tags: AfricaEconomyTradeForeign PolicyNational Security

A New Vision for America’s North Africa Policy

The next administration should take a second look at Americas relationship with Africa. It should provide support and resources for Tunisia’s transition, help restore stability to Libya, and promote regional economic integration.

This is an ambitious agenda, but a serious and sustained U.S. effort could produce positive results to benefit Americans and North Africans. Unlike so many policy issues today, the U.S. approach to North Africa is not tainted by partisan divides or ideological fixations. The door is open for the next administration and it should take the critical steps necessary to advance America’s interests and values.

Gordon Gray is the Chief Operating Officer at the Center for American Progress. He was a career foreign service officer who served as U.S. ambassador to Tunisia at the start of the Arab Spring and as Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs. 

Image: Reuters.