The 5 Most Powerful Russian Weapons of War in the Sky

September 18, 2014 Topic: State of the MilitaryDefense Region: Russia

The 5 Most Powerful Russian Weapons of War in the Sky

The Russian bear has wings.

The Su-35’s two engines, a variant of the NPO Saturn AL-41 and similar to the version that power the PAK FA, feature thrust vectoring nozzles that will give it exceptional maneuvering qualities in a dogfight. The airframe is now in partly made of titanium, saving weight while strengthening the design. Radar absorbent materials are used in key areas on the airframe.

The Su-35 can carry an enormous variety and number of weapons. The plane features a whopping fourteen hard points for carrying weapons, jammers, fuel tanks and added sensors. Just two examples of the weapons it can carry are the K-77ME, a ramjet-powered version of the K-77 air-to-air missile and the Kh-59, a land attack cruise missile.

Russia has ordered forty-eight Su-35 fighters.

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Image: Wikimedia Commons/Alex Beltyukov/CC by-sa 3.0