Trump’s New Marshall Plan


Trump’s New Marshall Plan

Today, Americans obsess on one key issue–how and when to get America open for business. Thus, it is time for President Donald Trump to implement his Marshall Plan, which could be even more consequential than the original. Marshall saved part of Europe. Trump can save the whole free world.

#3. Empower. The United States should lead in creating new opportunities and free-market solutions to unleash innovation and productivity with our free world partners and protect them from malicious practices by China and others. Washington, for example, should work with like-minded partners to counter China's growing influence through coordination of investment and export control regimes. Another example: the United States can promote credible, free-market alternatives to Huawei’s efforts to the European 5G market. The dominance of the Chinese telecommunications giant raises both economic and grave national security risks. Promoting alternatives could help fuel a recovery while eliminating a security threat.   

In the weeks ahead, the National Coronavirus Recovery Commission will be issuing many specific proposals. The administration ought to consider weaving great ideas together to present an inspiring and impactful U.S.-led economic partnership recovery program. 

A Heritage Foundation vice president, James Jay Carafano directs the think tank’s research in matters of national security and foreign relations.

Image: Reuters