Trump's Foreign Policy: America First. Hillary's: America Last.

Trump's Foreign Policy: America First. Hillary's: America Last.

Clinton calls the GOP front-runner “dangerously incoherent.” But he’s coherent—and she’s dangerous.

It doesn’t end there. In fact, Clinton’s records in the Senate and at the State Department were perfectly constructed exercises in dangerous incoherence: voting to authorize the invasion of Iraq in the aftermath of 9/11—attacks perpetrated by Al Qaeda, not Saddam Hussein; expressing contrition about voting for that war on the one hand, and afterwards advocating regime change in Egypt, Libya and Syria on the other—an advocacy that has galvanized a plethora of jihadist groups the world over and endangered American citizens and interests at home and abroad; coming down decidedly on the side of the Muslim Brotherhood in the initial tumult of the so-called Arab Spring and even attempting to elevate Egypt’s Mohamed Morsi to rock star status on the world stage; lambasting Mr. Trump with respect to his views on women and minorities while she and her husband, in a seemingly clear case of a conflict of interest, solicited tens of millions of dollars in contributions for the Clinton Foundation from governments who foment jihadi terror outside of their own borders, persecute their own minorities and possess abysmal human and women’s rights records; publicly promoting a “reset” with Moscow before surreptitiously working to alienate it at every turn in the Middle East and elsewhere, which has culminated in a post–Cold War nadir in the U.S.–Russian relationship and increased the potential for great power conflict; and posing as a “smart power,” humanitarian warrior concerned with the human consequences of poor governance, poor development and poor education systems while simultaneously championing policies that supplanted deficient governance with either ISIS governance or no governance at all, poor development with utterly destroyed infrastructures and poor education with child refugees unable to even attend their schools anymore.

The more than one million casualties in the Middle East that Secretary Clinton’s policy advocacy helped wrought is a far more profound indicator of her judgment than the million miles she never tires to remind us she traveled as Secretary of State. In the final analysis, Hillary Clinton need not look to Trump in order to find foreign-policy inconsistencies, hypocrisy, rashness or incoherence. A simple look in the mirror would suffice.

Zane Albayati is a writer based in Charlotte, NC. He earned a BA in Government from Belmont Abbey College and has been previously published in the online edition of the National Interest. He can be followed on Twitter @zanealbayati04.

Image: Donald Trump speaking in Mesa, Arizona. Flickr/Gage Skidmore.