What the Libertarian Party Wants on Foreign Policy

What the Libertarian Party Wants on Foreign Policy

Let us not be hostage to how things have been done in the past.


The Libertarian Party defaults to liberty. We want American foreign policy to appreciate the sovereignty and rights of every human being, whether they are an American citizen, a foreign citizen, friend or foe.

There will always be threats. There will always be wars. And we support vigorous self-defense when needed. But we decry the interventionist nature of recent American foreign policy.


We ask President-elect Trump and his administration to build diplomatic relationships worldwide so we can better confront true crises when they arise. We ask that leadership reorganize our military and other resources so that they can protect us from true threats such as cyber attacks and bio-chemical warfare. And we advocate a new American foreign policy that is respectful and principled, both in our goals and our methods, so that we can set a global example for basic human rights and liberty.

Lauren Daugherty manages Special Projects for the Libertarian National Committee. She previously served as Executive Director of the Libertarian Party of Texas and now serves on the State Libertarian Executive Committee in Texas.

Image: F-16 Falcons and A-10 Thunderbolt IIs fly over the Republic of Korea. Wikimedia Commons/U.S. Air Force