What Trump Gets Right About Putin

December 21, 2015 Topic: Politics Region: United States Tags: TrumpPutinRussiaUnited StatesGOP2016 Election

What Trump Gets Right About Putin

The GOP frontrunner somehow sees what the vast majority of establishment denizens can’t seem to perceive.

Of course the West must always fortify itself against any possible encroachment by the Russian bear, as it has had to do for centuries. But that doesn’t mean America and Europe need to pursue their own policies of encroachment or employ the kind of bellicose diplomatic language that destroys prospects for finding common ground on matters of mutual interest. The country is on the wrong course on this powerful diplomatic matter. Nobody in politics seems to see it or care about it—except Donald Trump. Kudos to him.

Robert W. Merry is a contributing editor at the National Interest and an author of books on American history and foreign policy.

Image: Wikimedia Commons/Ninian Reid.