Will Turkey Drag America Into Its Kurdish War?

August 12, 2015 Topic: Security Region: Middle East Tags: TurkeyKurdsPKK

Will Turkey Drag America Into Its Kurdish War?

"The Turkish-Kurdish conflict could turn the NATO ally from an asset into a serious liability for the United States."

Henri Barkey agrees. “The United States would not mind a Turkish operation into [northern Iraq]. But if [Turkey] also hits [YPG], things would go off the rails.”

“If there is a U.S. redline,” he adds, “that would be it.”

Finally, there is a decent chance that an independent Kurdish state could emerge in Iraq and Syria in the next few years. For years, Ankara and Washington have resisted the idea of an independent Kurdistan. But if Kurdish independence does come to pass, it would be not be in Turkish or U.S. interests to midwife it by killing more Kurds.

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Image: Wikimedia/Chris Sang-hwan Jung