10 Ways to Make Your Glock, Sig Sauer or Any Gun Even Better (Think Accessories)

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10 Ways to Make Your Glock, Sig Sauer or Any Gun Even Better (Think Accessories)

Time for upgrades.

Key point: These tools and changes will give you an edge when it really counts.

If you’re new to owning a firearm, or a gun enthusiast, the occasional upgrade is an excellent thing to consider. It is hugely beneficial to update your gun every once in awhile.

When you upgrade your weapon, you’re boosting its overall functions as well as its performance. These are both important aspects to consider whether you choose to use your gun for protection or sport.

The upgrade options that are currently available are almost overwhelming because there are so many to choose from. This article will go over the top ten firearm upgrades you can make to improve your overall experience.


This option is one of the easiest upgrades available for your firearm. Most firearms don’t come with an optimal site, so adding a decent one can make a marked difference.

These sites will instantly give you an improved site or target alignment time. You can choose from a broad range of sites, and each one brings something different to the table in terms of functionality.

The sites are designed to be snag-free, and they feature fiber optic points so you can see them in every type of light. They may also help you improve your accuracy rating if they are used correctly.


A polished barrel will give you a better grip. It will also decrease your chances of having an ejection failure or jam in your firearm’s feed ramp.

If you want to prolong the life of your gun, look into adding a Titanium Nitride (TiN)coating to the barrel. Titanium Nitride is a highly hard material that you can apply for a scratch-resistant coating.

Both polish and Titanium Nitride can help with and buildup problems that might occur after a few sessions of longer use. They also add a unique look to your firearm that won’t go unnoticed.


A compensator is an upgrade to add to your gun to help reduce any recoil you might be experiencing. It does this by redirecting the gasses that propel the bullet out of the barrel through vents in the top of the gun.

The vents then push the firearm’s barrel downward, and this reduces some of the recoil action. The muzzle flash will also be directed down, and this can help you see better if you’re shooting in low light or at night.


Before you go with this upgrade, check with your state and see if they are legal to have on your gun.

A suppressor can be used to preserve your hearing. On average, a suppressor can drop the noise threshold of a firearm by 14 to 45 decibels depending on the type of suppressor and the kind of gun.

You will also feel less recoil when you fire a gun with a suppressor attached. They do this by redirecting the gasses up, and this stops the firearm from being pushed back into the shooters arm or face area.


Stippling involves adding small, raised texture points of your firearm, and this allows you to maintain a more firm grip. You can either do this yourself with a soldering iron or have a professional do it.

This process not only helps you get a firm grip, but it will help with any slipping issues as well. This will improve your safety level with you’re handling your gun, cleaning it, or unloading it as well.


If you have larger hands, you may want to consider adding a magazine well to your firearm, as this can allow for extra grip. It will also help with faster reloading times.

The MagWell acts a little like a funnel, and it has a flared opening along the bottom. Having a magazine well fitted allows you to reload quicker, as it acts as a guide and the magazine to slide in.

I use a MagWell with with my Taurus PT-1911, as it’s one of the most cost-efficient upgrades available for 1911 pistols.


A guide rod is a one or two-piece rod you can add to your gun to prevent the recoil spring from kinking. A guide rod can, in turn, provide better overall functionality to your firearm.

You can choose from a variety of options from a heavier design to a lightweight one. A guide rod will add a little weight to your gun once it’s in, so you will have to take that into account when you install it.


Your firearm’s recoil spring, like anything that sees a lot of use, can wear out over time. How often you should replace it depends on the use it sees and the quality of the spring.

If your spring isn’t well made, you could find yourself replacing it every 500 rounds. However, if your recoil spring is well made, it can last up to 1,500 rounds any beyond.

It all depends on how well you are prone to up keeping your firearm. You should be able to tell by your gun’s performance when it is time to replace the recoil spring.


Your gun will most likely come with some rough or sharp edges when you get it. These edges can make it difficult to maintain a good grip.

If you smooth the rough or sharp edges down, you will improve your grip tremendously. You can do this yourself, or you can take it to a gunsmith, and they will do it for you.


Swapping out your grips in an easy way to upgrade your firearm. They are inexpensive, and there are dozens of grips to choose from on the market.

They come in a variety of materials, finishes, and styles. They will provide stability, as well as the added safety feature of reducing your tendency to slip when you’re handling or cleaning your firearm.

Your firearm is an extension of yourself. You want it to function at the highest possible level in every situation.

If you have the freedom to customize it to suit your needs, you will have a better experience using it. There are dozens of options available for anyone who is looking to add a few upgrades.


In this article, we highlighted ten of the most popular upgrades that people are using on their firearms to date. Each upgrade’s main priority is to maximize your firearm’s overall capabilities.

You will never know when you just might need to have your gun operating at maximum capacity, and if you take these tips and upgrades seriously, you shouldn’t have a problem.

This article by Will Ellis originally appeared at Gun News Daily in 2019.

Image: Pinterest.