National Interest Jobs and Internships

National Interest Jobs and Internships


[Thank you for your interest. Unfortunately, we are not hiring at this time.]


Are you a great writer and a better editor? Do you have an eye for snappy headlines and an acute attention to detail? Can you name all three legs of the nuclear triad? If so, it’s your lucky day: the National Interest is looking for editorial interns.

Outstanding candidates will, above all, bask in the glow of the English language. Their command of syntax is peerless; their ear for tone deft. They can explain what a dangling modifier is to an advanced fourth grader. Experience with the Chicago Manual of Style would be ideal.

Furthermore, the perfect candidate will be familiar with TNI’s work and steeped in at least some of the national-security issues with which the magazine contends—particularly the Asia-Pacific, Russia, NATO, defense technology and spending, and counterterrorism.


• Copyediting (under the auspices of Chicago, TNI house style and common sense)

• Fact-checking

• Headline generation

• Social-media management

• Writing for TNI’s website


• Currently enrolled in a graduate program or a recent graduate (qualified undergraduates may be considered)

• Exceptional editing skills—bad prose keeps you up at night

• Sensible fact-checking instincts

• Social-media savvy (Facebook and Twitter, especially)

• Background in international relations, political science, national-security studies, regional studies, etc. (preferred)


• TNI’s editorial interns will come face to face with the intricate, volatile, vibrant world of online publishing and political commentary.

• Zero dollars (sorry!)

• Our eternal gratitude.

• Occasional high-fives.

• School credit, if you want it.

• The opportunity to write for our worldwide audience of millions.

• A seat at the Center for the National Interest’s various events. 

Interested applicants should send the following (as a single PDF file) to Adam Lammon ([email protected]):

A cover letter

A one-page résumé

Two writing samples, no longer than 800 words: one worthy of publication on TNI’s website, and the other an excerpt of past work