18 Phrases You Should Never Say To A Veteran

18 Phrases You Should Never Say To A Veteran

Just don't. 


Key point: Civilians aren't veterans, and shouldn't try to be.

Here are Task & Purposes’ nominations in the category of “Military Phrases That Should Never Pass Civilian Lips”:


“Did you kill anybody?” 

“Thank you for your service.” 

“Collateral damage” 

“Boot camp” 

“Long pole in the tent” 

“Frickin’ ” 

“Klicks” for kilometers

“In the trenches”

“Roger”—especially when they mean “Wilco”

“Kill chain” 

“Check your six” 

“Saddle up” 

“Boots on the ground”

“Took him off the battlefield” for kill. Just as bad is “neutralize.” 

“Battle buddy” 

“Calling your exercise class ‘boot camp."



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