The AR-15 Is One Popular Rifle (And There Are Lots Christmas Gift Possibilities)

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The AR-15 Is One Popular Rifle (And There Are Lots Christmas Gift Possibilities)

What might Santa bring?

Key Point: Here are a few ideas. 

It’s that time of year when gift-giving can be a struggle.  Use the fact that your friend or family member owns an AR-15 to find gifts specific to their interests.  No matter their specific AR-15 hobby, the gifts on this Christmas gift guide for AR-15 owners will satisfy their needs and have them itching to pick up their weapon after the presents are open.

Magpul PMAGS

You can never have enough magazines for your AR-15, right? What’s more, is that magazines are inexpensive (especially for AR-15s), so if you’re looking for a cheap gift for an AR-15 lover this is a great way to go.

The Magpul PMAGs are well known for being reliable, durable, and lightweight thanks to their polymer construction. The windowed version helps you see approximately how many rounds you have left in the magazine.

Uncle Bucks Camo AR-15 Skin Kit

It can be difficult to choose a gun skin for someone else, but with the choices offered by Uncle Bucks Camo, no decision is the wrong one.  There are realistic camouflage options for all types of terrain, as well as more fashionable designs.

All skins are made of high quality vinyl, and are easily removable, leaving no trace behind on the weapon.  Application is a simple three-step process of pressing, applying heat, and trimming the excess. The end result is an impressive waterproof, non-reflective, matte finish that comes with a 5-year warranty.

Tactacam 5.0 Hunting Action Camera

The Tacticam 5.0 Hunting Action Camera is one of the most high-tech hunting cameras on the market today. This point-of-view camera features 8x zoom, allowing you to focus on the hunt more closely than ever before.

Footage is captured in 4k, giving you crystal clear video. The new image stabilization technology reduces the shock and movement from the gun.

One of the most thrilling features of this tactacam is that you can stream your video live so others can experience your hunt in real time from a remote location.

Although this gift has an expensive price tag, your purchase comes with the camera, two different types of mounts, a rechargeable battery, and a USB cable and charger.

Radian AR-15 Raptor Charging RadianHandle

This charging handle by Radian Weapons reloads the chamber of your AR-15 with ease.  It operates smoothly and quickly from either strong or support side, making it an ambidextrous handle.

It also comes in many color options so that you can customize it to your weapon.  The Raptor charging handle is made in the USA from aircraft grade aluminum and milspec anodized.

Daniel Defense Buttstock, Pistol Grip, and Vertical Foregrip Combo

This AR-15 furniture kit from Daniel Defense complete outfits your weapon.  The buttpads come in two different sizes so you can find your perfect fit. The buttpad successfully prevents the stock from catching on objects when shouldering your rifle.

The pistol grip is designed to have a natural and comfortable angle for the best hand position.  The attached trigger guard is over-sized to cover the gap between grip and receiver. The last piece of the kit is the vertical fore grip.

It is made of rubber and allows you to maintain your grip even when it is wet.  The foregrip also has a watertight storage compartment, giving you a place to store extra batteries or spare bullets.  This kit comes in black, brown, or grey, and upgrades your entire weapon with one purchase.

M4/M16 Soft Cleaning Kit

This AR-15 cleaning kit is a combat cleaning kit made to be used in the field.  It is compatible with primary and secondary weapons and completely crush-proof. The kit includes steel rods, steel patch-eyelet, military to civilian thread adapter, a chamber brush, three different sizes of bore brushes, a dental pick, patches, and 5mL of weapon lubricant of your choice.

This kit has everything you need to clean your weapon in the field or on-the-go. The most prominent feature of this kit is that it is very compact so it will fit perfectly into a pouch or backpack for portable storage.  Another bonus, of course, is that this fits perfectly into a stocking, so no gift wrapping is necessary.


Finding something a shooter doesn’t already have isn’t easy.  In the end, we all know that it’s not the actual gift, but the thought that makes a present truly special.  With one of these gifts, the AR-15 owner in your life will know you put time and thought into their gift, and it will be that much more meaningful to them. We’d love to hear about other gifts for AR-15 owners you’ve found.

Time is running out to order gifts in time for Christmas. Don’t wait until the last minute and miss out on some of these spectacular ideas.

This article by Alex Joseph originally appeared at Gun News Daily in 2019.

Image: Reddit.