The Army's M10 Booker Combat Vehicle Has Arrived

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The Army's M10 Booker Combat Vehicle Has Arrived

The U.S. Army last month officially took delivery of the first M10 Booker Combat Vehicle. A ceremony at the Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland marked the occasion.


Summary: The U.S. Army recently introduced the M10 Booker Combat Vehicle, a highly advanced direct-fire combat vehicle designed to bolster light maneuver forces.

M10 Booker


-Developed by General Dynamics Land Systems, the M10 Booker is named in honor of two heroic soldiers, Pvt. Robert D. Booker and Staff Sgt. Stevon A. Booker. Equipped with a 105 mm cannon and advanced sensors for night and urban combat, this modular vehicle aims to enhance infantry brigades with superior firepower and protection.

-Over the next two years, the M10 Booker will undergo extensive testing to validate its performance across various environments.

U.S. Army Unveils New M10 Booker Combat Vehicle to Enhance Ground Forces

The U.S. Army last month officially took delivery of the first M10 Booker Combat Vehicle. A ceremony at the Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland marked the occasion.

Designed by General Dynamics Land Systems, the M10 is a direct-fire combat vehicle meant to confront ground threats on a multi-domain battlefield. This new, modern asset – highly lethal, survivable, and mobile – will help the Army’s light maneuver forces overmatch adversaries.

The vehicle’s name honors two enlisted Army soldiers:­ Medal of Honor recipient Pvt. Robert D. Booker, who perished in World War II, and Distinguished Service Cross recipient Staff Sgt. Stevon A. Booker, who died from injuries sustained in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

The two Booker families christened the first M10 Booker vehicle, named "Another Episode" in honor of Staff Sgt. Booker's tank, at the end of the ceremony. The 3rd Infantry Division Band performed, rendering honor and respect to the fallen soldiers and their families.

"Soldiers need more than weapons," said U.S. Army Maj. Gen. Glenn A. Dean III, program executive officer with Ground Combat Systems. "They need the indomitable will and the boundless confidence that comes from knowing they do not sacrifice needlessly or alone."

Capable War Machine

The M10 Booker is equipped with a 105 mm M35 primary weapon, a 7.62 mm coaxial weapon, and a .50-caliber M2 commander's weapon. It has a maximum speed of 40 miles per hour, and a C-17 can transport two of the vehicles.

As previously reported, the M10 Booker has a crew of four soldiers and includes advanced thermal sensors for night and urban combat. As with many other systems under development, it has a modular design that can easily take capability upgrades.

Ready to Roll

"The Booker provides infantry brigades overwhelming precision firepower, allowing it to maintain momentum and freedom of action against enemy forces," the U.S. Army announced, while adding that the platform could bring a new level of lethality and protection to infantry forces. The vehicle should bolster infantry soldiers with the speed and momentum that are critical on the modern battlefield.

"The Army is undertaking its most significant transformation in several decades to dominate in large-scale combat operations in a multidomain environment, and the M10 Booker is a crucial part of that transformation," explained Doug Bush, assistant secretary of the U.S. Army for acquisition, logistics and technology.

The M10 Booker won't be heading into action anytime soon. Over the next two years, the platform will go through a battery of tests, during which it will reportedly fire thousands of rounds of ammunition and drive thousands of miles.

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"We will also put the vehicle through production qualification and testing in desert, arctic, temperate and tropical conditions, challenging it with obstacles like gaps and walls to scale, and engaging it with real world threats to ensure its survivability," Dean added.

The operational test will be conducted with elements of the 82nd Airborne Division at Fort Liberty. It will culminate in fielding the first operational company of M10 Booker Combat Vehicles to the 82nd Airborne in the summer of 2025.

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